Migrating Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Your Universal Analytics will stop working in:

This property will stop processing data starting July 1, 2023

To continue collecting data, go to Setup Assistant to migrate your property to Google Analytics 4. Otherwise, one may be created for you based on your current settings. Learn more about UA deprecation

Yeah, we know that you come here after you saw this message

Usually our customers come to us with following thoughts or questions

Will I loose all the data from old
Universal Analytics?

Tracking data is not migratable, so we recommend migrating to new analytics as early as possible. Only users, goals, Google Ads links and audiences can be migrated

If a non-professional makes the transition could it lead to problems in the future?

Yes, the account may lose its connection to Google Ads and ads will be shown without proper tracking. Also, a non-professional will not be able to transfer all the necessary conversions, goals, users, etc.

Don’t bring yourself to risk, let us help

Turn to the professionals. We’ll make the transition from $95.
Let’s discuss the scope of work and we’ll start within two days

How we work


Investigate your project

We study your project, see what analytics were configured and how it was implemented on your site


Collect website data

We install tracking code and connect the necessary events on the pages of the site


Property setting

Our team set up conversions, define audiences and turn on the new tracking feature from Google – Google Signals.


Google Ads

Our specialists connect GA4 to your Google Ads account, use Google Ads to bid on GA4 conversions and use GA4 audiences

What people say about our work

“The guys are super professional. They made the transition and set up the analytics even better than the old one”

Hanli Smith
CTO at LinkinPeople

“I wanted to do the work myself at first, but I realized that there were too many pitfalls. I decided to turn to SkifTechs”

Ben Crosedy
Head of Marketing at ATL

“I set it up wrong at first and went to SkifTechs team to help fix it. They fixed everything and did the training”

Rebecca Thompson
CEO at Flowers and Styles

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