About us

We are a family company of IT professionals.

We can help your project to go live from an idea to a complete solution just in time.

Our mission is to make an IT sphere for you as simple as possible. You can delegate the technical part to us and concentrate on your business purely.

Just share your idea with us, we will make it real.


A few things we’re great at

We have a lot of experience in different IT areas.


We have been working in e-commerce for more than 5 years. We have launched and supported successful online shops. SkifThechs will help you to build a stable profitable project for your online business.

Project Managment

Do you already have an operating business and want to develop it further using internet technologies?

We will take over the technical part and you will devote your time to the business aspect. 

Custom dev

You would like to start or develop your IT project but there is no ready-to-use solution that fits you. No worries! Our developers will bring your ideas to live. Stack of technologies: Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.


It is not possible to imagine any business marketing without social media today. Our team will take care of your business accounts in Instagram and Facebook. We will create a content plan for you, post stories and record IGTV telling your business story using the tools your customers are familiar with. 

Platforms we work with

The secret of success

We consider our clients’ task to be own task. And you want all the best for yourself, right?


New technologies appear every day in the sphere, so we are constantly learning to keep up with the times.

Working hard

We know that creation of the superb project can not be simple, so we are working hard every time and earn experience on each step


It is important to be inside the community to hear the latest news and learn the best practices. This is the only way to provide our clients with high-quality solutions.


Our priority is to deliver high-quality products to our clients. We always start with a thorough investigation and collecting our clients’ feedback which guarantees the best results at the production stage.

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